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Salts of the 7 Seas

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Salts of the 7 Seas wants you to sample the world!

A beautiful collection of 16 unrefined, all natural sea salts are offered in the Gourmet World Sea Salt Sampler! Tasty sea salt samplings include a dramatic black pyramid flake from the Isle of Cyprus, the exotic and almost mystic Himalayalan pink salt, and a delicate peach-colored flake salt from Australia, just to name a few. Sold in a 5" x 5" plastic container. (Each container has about 1/4 oz. of each salt). Each salt sample can be purchased in larger containers from


*Hawaiian Onyx All natural vegetable charcoal gives this dark and dramatic Hawaiian sea salt its beautiful black color. Enjoy its delightful crunch on pasta, salads, fresh veggies. Dramatic on rim of cocktails!

*Fleur de Sel [Brittany, France] Called the Flower of the Sea and often regarded as the most prized sea salt in the world, Fleur de Sel is the perfect finishing salt! Light and crisp, this exquisite sea salt is delicious. Truly delightful when presented in a small dish at the table.

Silver Palm™[Pacific] A beautiful salt harvested from the clear waters off the Island of Molokai in the vast Pacific Ocean.This white Pacific sea salt has a crisp texture that compliments all of your island cooking—seafood, crisp salads and vegetables. It's perfect for baking, too!

*Pele Red Hawaiian™ [Hawaii U.S.A.] A striking red finishing salt that's been used in Hawaii for centuries, Pele Red Hawaiian sea salt is actually a pristine white salt from the island of Molokai that has been expertly blended with Alaea Clay.  This volcanic clay is rich in iron oxide and gives Pele Red sea salt its rich red color. Enjoy this salt on fresh crisp salads, roast pork, veggies, sprinkle on bites of aged cheddar!

*Tibetan Rose™ From ancient sea beds high in the Himalayas, this beautiful pink salt is known for its healing powers & is full of minerals. Rich and salty, it is delicious in all your cooking and baking.  Lovely in a clear salt grinder, too! Tibetan Rose Himalayan salt is a colorful alternative to table salt.

*Aussie Snow™ [Australia] A beautiful snowy white, mineral-rich salt from the deep Pacific waters off Australia, Aussie Snow™ is aptly named. Crisp and clean, this flavorful salt compliments fresh veggies, sauces, meats, pasta and is great for baking.

*Mayan Sun[El Salvador] From the ancient land of sun and Mangrove Santuaries, this beauitful white sea salt is harvested from the coastal waters of El Salvador. The tropical sun and wind perform their magic leaving behind these snowy-white crystals.unchy sea salt.

*Flor Blanca [Mexico] This tropical Mexican sea salt is North America's answer to France's popular sea salt Fleur de Sel.  It's hand harvested from salt farms, or salinas, on the coast of beautiful Manzanillo. Flor Blanca is a delicate white sea salt with a fluffy and moist texture.  Adaptable to use in recipes as a replacement to standard table salt AND as a finishing salt to garnish just before serving.

*Aegean Sea [Isle of Cyprus] Harvested from the ancient Isle of Cyprus, in the Aegean Sea, this beautiful, pristine white flake sea salt is shaped like a pyramid. It is as crunchy as it is delicious! Used as a finishing salt, the beauty adds a bit of drama berfore serving especially on lighter cream soups and pastas.

*Salts of Magellan [Portugal] Harvested in Ria Formosa and Sapal do Castro Marim where it is taken from the portuguese coastal Atlantic waters, this fluffy white sea salt is a world away from common salt. It makes the perfect finishing salt for everyday use.

*Brittany Gray [France]  This gray mineral-rich sea salt is harvested in the Celtic method on the windswept coast of Brittany, France and is full of flavor. In the warm months of spring and summer french salt gatherers called Paludiers, rake these beautiful gray crystals as they form on clay-lined ponds resulting in a moist gray sea salt that is a perfect salt for all occassions.


*Sriracha Chili Infused Sea Salt If you like heat and a lot of flavor, you're going to really enjoy Sriracha Chili Infused Sea Salt! It is an inspiration! Enjoy in regional sauces, sprinkle over grilled vegetables and delicious on chicken! Ole!

*Matcha ZEN™ Matcha Green Tea Infused Sea Salt—Premium stone-ground Japanese Matcha green tea is combined with natural, mineral-rich sea salt to offer a delicate flavor and healthful sea salt option that is high in amino acids. A very noteable combination! Matcha Zen salt can be enjoyed on lighter dishes like vegetable, eggs, and steamed or fried fish. Colorful as a bright green finishing salt, too! Matcha Tea has been shown to reduce carcinogens in grilled red meats and tastes great in rubs for meats. “The philosophy of Japanese Chado: wa, kei, sei, jaki (harmony, respect, purity, tranquility) all prized in the Japanese tea ceremony for honoring ourselves and others, can go a long way to developing a more peaceful world”… and wouldn’t that be nice.

*Rosemary Passion™ Herb infused into gourmet sea salt—this versatile, naturally flavored sea salt is wonderful on pork, sprinkled over grilled or baked red potatoes and chicken, and even cheesy breads.

*Roasted Garlic Real roasted garlic infused into sea salt. Adds a robust, wonderful roasted garlic flavor to foods—sprinkle on grilled steaks and veggies, scrambled eggs or omelets, soups and stews, artisan breads and more. One of our most popular and versatile sea salt varieties.

*Ginger ZingGinger is an ancient Asian spice that has seasoned seafood and vegtables to perfection for millennia. Enjoy this natural sea salt infused with real ginger that imparts a sparkle and ZING! to sauces, sweet potatoes, grilled seafoods, mangoes, tomatoes, chicken and crisp green salads.

*Chipolte Garlic™ An amazing blend of two popular flavor profiles; roasted garlic with it's rich buttery flavor and chipolte chili pepper with it's sweet heat. Sprinkle it on your eggs, grilled steaks, veggies and even, grilled cheese!

*Indicates that these salts are available in larger jars.
PLEASE NOTE: The variety of sea salts being offered in this sampler are subject to change without notice.