Need the perfect gourmet gift? We offer a variety of gourmet gifts—options include all natural sea salts and peppercorns in full and sampler sizes—indulge the foodies, cooks and favorite people in your life! Our hand-selected gourmet sea salts + peppercorns are perfect for enhancing winter comfort food!

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Try all three of our colorful and distinctive collections. Every sampler contains a tantalizing array of textures and flavors. Each salt container is individually labeled and the sampler tins contain a brochure describing each salt and offering creative suggestions for cooking. A beautiful and fun gift for every gourmet-gifting occasion! [packaged in a 5.25″ square case; each individual container has about 1/4 oz. of salt]



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Regional collections of delicious sea salts from around the world are packaged in our new custom embossed tins—making an elegant presentation—the window on top offers an attractive and intriguing view of the beautiful colors and textures of the natural sea salts and peppercorns inside! THE PERFECT GIFT! [5″ X 5″ X 1.75″ H]

fiery heat + spice


Fiery heat and spice compliment foods in every cuisine. Delightfully aromatic, our peppercorns samplers allow you to explore the most exotic of peppercorns.

Innovative interchangeable compartments for both the Zanzibar peppercorn and sea salt mills allows you to easily change your choice of seasonings at the push of a button!

Why limit yourself to just one type of peppercorn or sea salt in your grinder? Crack into the delicious creativity of Exotic Peppercorns and Sea Salts from Salts of the 7 Seas. We offer a wide variety of over 40 Sea Salts and 12 Peppercorns and many of them are available in the new Zanzibar interchangeable compartments. Think of exploring so many sea salts and peppercorns with just a twist of your wrist! There’s a whole world out there of flavor to explore!

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We bring two special seasonings to you in handsome custom ceramic crocks made in Portugal. Available filled with either TELLICHERRY cracked peppercorns or FLOS SALIS sea salt. Also available as a set to be enjoyed in all of your cooking by the stove or at the table. We hope you will enjoy!

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Olive Wood is prized for its rich, deep veining and dense grain. Olive wood matches any décor with its strong contrast of light honey tones with rich, dark veins. An incredibly hard and dense wood, olive wood resists stains, brings a fresh, faint aroma of the Mediterranean, and with modest care and attention will give years of pleasure. [scoops + spoons may vary in size]

[limited quantities—first come, first serve]

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We have traveled the world to find the finest salts produced by premier artisans who not only create beautiful, unrefined, all natural sea salts but also take great pride in protecting the natural environments from which they are harvested. We would like to invite you to experience the beautiful, healthful and delicious world of our gourmet sea salts! Each gift month includes an all natural gourmet sea salt attractively packaged, with a personalized gift card and two regionally-inspired recipes created specifically for each salt.

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SIX segments screw together securely and fit easily into pocket or purse. Each segment is labeled and easily refillable.

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These mini measuring spoons are perfect for solving the mystery of just what exactly is a dash, pinch or smidgen.


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Salt in all its forms is a hot culinary trend. It enhances any savory dish and makes the taste buds sing. In this beautiful book, top cook and food stylist Valerie Aikman-Smith introduces you to all kinds of salts, from Hawaiian Red Alaea Salt (Pele Red Hawaiian) to Jurassic Salt (Tibetan Rose from the Himalayas). Her Appetizers section includes tasty Olive Suppli, Gazpacho with Smoked Salted Croutons, and fun Popcorn with Chili Salt (Sultry Smoked Serrano Sea Salt). In Entrees, you’ll find the classic salt-crust method with new twists, such as Indian-spiced Lamb in a Salt Crust, or how about Spicy Pork Satay with Roast Salted Peanut Sauce, or a refreshing Peach Caprese with Curry Salt (Mumbai Curry)? In Sides and Breads you’ll discover tempting flatbreads and pretzel bites, and you’ll be captivated by Valerie’s Drinks and Sweets. How about a Black Olive Martini or Bloody Mary with Celery Salt, or a Chocolate Chip Cookie with Sea Salt (Vanilla Bourbon Sea Salt)? Be amazed as the flavors mingle in your mouth. Finally, a chapter of Rubs, Butters, and Brines offers you dozens of versatile ways to jazz up grilled meat or fish, vegetable crudities or potato chips, or use them with your own recipes (Kosher Sea Salt by Salts of the 7 Seas). Once you’ve tried Valerie’s stunning recipes you will never look at SEA SALT in the same way again. More than 50 recipes for starters, entrees, sides, seasoned rubs, and cocktails, with gorgeous photography by Jonathan Gregson.
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Natural Gourmet Food Grade Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are perfect for use as a Tequila Shot Glass. High mineral content. We only import the highest quality food grade Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses.

DIMENSIONS: Each salt glass is 2 7/8″ tall x 1 7/8″ diameter and 5/16″ thick.
IINGREDIENTS: 100% Natural & Pure Pink Himalayan Salt. These 100% natural Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses, contain a reported 84 trace minerals and will add delectable flavor and essential minerals to your drinks.

CLEANING + CARING For Your Salt Shot Glasses:
It’s quite easy to clean your Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. Simply scrub with a soft brush or wipe with a damp cloth, and pat dry. Then place on drying rack for a least 24 hours to allow the
block to dry thoroughly. Never run the salt glasses under water or submerge. Cleansers or soap
are not needed to clean your salt glasses as it is naturally antimicrobial. You can expect to enjoy many uses with your Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses. However, little by little the salt glass will dissolve over time changing it size, shape and its surface. Once product becomes too small for use as a shot glass, there are still ways to get further use out of the salt. You can grate the salt over entrees to add amazing flavor or add it to your bath to remineralize your body, soothe muscle aches and pains and soften your skin.

Tibetan Rose, Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses are 100% natural. Because of this, each glass will be unique in its characteristics, including color and composition.

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Metal stands for the use and display of our delicious sea salts make wonderful gifts.

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Six gourmet sea salts from around the world are displayed in a stylish metal rack that sits conveniently on your counter or table. Jars are refillable, recycled glass. The stand set also includes a very nice descriptive hang tag and a set of the Pinch Dash Smidgeon Spoons as well.

Sold with the following salts:
Maya Sun
Fleur de Sel
Cyprus Onyx
Tibetan Rose
Pele Red Hawaiian
Cherrywood Smoked



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free smidge dash pinch spoons + free shipping

Five gourmet sea salts from around the world are displayed in a stylish metal rack that sits conveniently on your counter or table.

Salts Included:
Tibetan Rose—Himalayan Sea Salt
Cyprus Onyx [Black Pyramid flaked salt from the Isle of Cyprus] Pele Red Hawaiian Sea Salt [Hawaii] Italia Sea Salt [from the Sunny Mediterranean] Brittany Grey [mineral-rich sea salt from Brittany France]

A descriptive hangtag is included with information about the salts and how to enjoy them. Jars are refillable and hold about 4 ounces of sea salt. The Metro Tower also includes a set of the Smidge Dash Pinch spoons.



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A stylish metal stand sporting five unique, expertly blended Griller Seasonings will look great by your grill! Use the included Olivewood Scoop to sprinkle your choice of:

Butcher’s Blend
™ [simple + delicious smoked goodness]

Chef’s Blend™ [robust balance of salt + pepper]

Herbaceous Blend™ [herb-infused sea salts]

Southern Smoked™ [savory blended salts with spices and cracked black peppercorns]

Voodoo™ [sultry blend of Cajun & French spices]

USE: on thick juicy steaks and chops, grilled chicken, tender smoky ribs, veggies and more. These flavorful blends compliment all your grilled meats and vegetables—the seasonings are all great to combine in custom rubs, too! REFILLS are available as well to keep your Gourmet Griller Spice Rack fully stocked! Just call us: (419) 842-8525.

*Griller Seasonings are sold individually, too.

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A stylish metal stand sporting 5 unique, expertly blended Griller Salts + Seasonings will look great by your grill! Use the included olivewood scoop to sprinkle your choice of natural herb-infused sea salts, robust smoked sea salts, savory blended salts with spices.

REFILLS are available as well to keep your Gourmet Griller Spice Rack fully stocked! Just call us: (419) 842-8525.

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