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Our gourmet sea salts are harvested and mined around the world by ethical and responsible producers who conscientiously work to produce the highest quality, mineral-rich salts while also protecting the environment. Unlike many other sea salt products, our salts are never rinsed or washed or submitted to high heat in drying that damages the important minerals Mother Nature intended for us to benefit from. All of our natural gourmet sea salts contain no artificial colors, flavors or additives.


trapani sicilian chef salt salts of the 7 seas

Superior Selection of Favors + Colorful Sea Salts

Beautiful collections of unrefined, all natural sea salts are offered in each of the Gourmet Samplers!

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grilling salts

Perfect for Spicing up the Grill!

These expertly blended griller seasonings are fantastic on thick juicy steaks and chops, grilled chicken, vegetables, and more. These seasonings are all great to combine in custom ribs too!

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gourment salt + peppercorn samplers

Innovative Gourmet Sea Salt Stackers

These innovative gourmet sea salt stackers are a convenient and easy way to enjoy all of our gourmet sea salts from around the world. Presented in high quality stacking jars perfect for your grill, stove, pantry or table.

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you asked for, hotter, hottest AND epically hot sea salts

All natural combinations of spicy, hot peppers and pure sea salt. These spicy blends add just the right amount of heat and a crunchy texture you will enjoy on a wide variety of foods!


trapani sicilian chef salt salts of the 7 seas

Superior Selection of Favors + Colorful Sea Salts

The Chef Collection of natural unrefined sea salts are presented in recycled glass jars with natural cork top and wooden spoon.

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infusions sea salts salts of the 7 seas

Think of it as a whole new layer of Flavor!©

Each combining the unique flavor of unrefined natural gourmet sea salts with high quality real herbs and spices and/or special all natural flavorings.

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exotics sea salt collection

Unusual Sea Salts from Unexpected Places!

A collection of seven delicious and rare salts bring to light vastly different histories, harvesting and mining techniques and the vital economic impact these salts have on local trade and culture.

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FLOS SALIS, a snow white sea salt from Algarve’s coastline fills this custom white ceramic crock made in Portugal
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Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture and the Algarve's coastline is home to some of the finest sea salt production in the world. FLOS SALIS, is a beautiful, fluffy, snow white sea salt boasting over 84 naturally occurring minerals and a flavor profile that has been appreciated for centuries by those lucky enough to encounter it.

We bring this special seasoning to you in handsome custom ceramic crocks made in Portugal and filled to be enjoyed in all of your cooking by the stove or at the table. We hope you will enjoy!

Purchase a set of Tellicherry Pepper and Flos Salis crocks and receive two wooden spoons for FREE.
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grinder sea salts

salts require grinders with a ceramic mechanism

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natural, delicious, healthy kosher salt

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take your favorite sea salts everywhere you go

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