expertly blended


Five unique, expertly blended seasonings compliment all your grilled meats and vegetables. Our griller seasonings are also great to combine in custom rubs!

simple + delicious smoked goodness

Simple & Delicious. Butcher’s Blend™ brings smoked goodness to your grilled foods with fiery black peppercorns and Applewood smoked sea salt expertly blended to add a compliment of sultry smoke and spicy sweet heat.

5 oz | $15.40


USE: Enjoy on Hamburgers and steaks—ribs, too! Delicious!

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robust balance of salt + pepper

Roasted Garlic is staple in every chef’s kitchen. Here it has been infused into an all natural sea salt blended with cracked peppercorns. A robust balance of flavors! CHEF’S BLEND™ will be a go-to seasoning for almost all of your grilling.

5 oz | $15.40


USE: Enjoy on Beef and chicken, pork and grilled veggies.

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herbed-infused wth peppercorns

Natural, unrefined sea salts infused with the herbs of real rosemary and toasted onion are blended with fragrant cracked black peppercorns. Sprinkle lightly just before removing food from the fire.

4 oz | $15.40

USE: ??

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true Southern flavor!

The South is known for its love of good Barbeque and Southern Smoked™ is a true delight created especially for the grill and your ribs, steaks, chops and chicken. Smoky Applewood + Cherrywood sea salts are combined with savory Roasted Garlic and Rosemary infused sea salts for some true Southern flavor!

6.5 oz | $15.40

USE: Great on ribs, steaks, chops and chicken.

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sultry blend with spicy secrets

A sultry blend of Cajun & French spices, roasted garlic + toasted onion infused sea salts, dramatic black Cyprus Onyx™ sea salt, fiery cayenne and a few well-kept spicy secrets blended with a tangy hint of lime! A best seller in New Orleans, Voodoo™ is sure to become one of your favorites, too!

5.5 OZ | $15.40


USE: Whenever you want a little magic to spice up your food.

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great next to the grill!

This stylish metal stand sporting five unique, expertly blended Griller Seasonings will look great by your grill! Use the included Olivewood Scoop to sprinkle your choice on thick juicy steaks and chops, grilled chicken, tender smoky ribs, veggies and more. REFILLS available as well to keep your Gourmet Griller Spice Rack fully stocked! Just call us at (419) 842-8525.

These flavorful blends compliment all your grilled meats and vegetables. The seasonings are all great to combine in custom rubs, too!

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Unique blend of Mediterranean seasonings

GRIGLIATA! Literally meaning “grilled dinner,” this fantastic spiced salt mix can be to add appetizing Tuscan flavors to your meal. Our Sale d’Italia™ Sea Salt is produced along the sunny Italian coast where sea salt has been produced since 200 BC.

CONTAINS: Unrefined Italian Sea Salt, Crushed Bay leaves, Whole Pink Peppercorns, whole dried Juniper Berries and dried Rosemary.

10.5 oz | $11.99

USE: This fantastic spiced salt mix can be used with grilled meat and roasted vegetables to add the appetizing flavor of the Tuscan sea to your meal.

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Bravo! grinders

High quality brushed grinder with ceramic mechanism pre-filled with 5.5 oz. of BRAVO! sea salt blend.


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French sea salt + herbs

Unrefined Sea Salt mixed with Herbs: Rosemary, Thyme, Sage and Marjoram. The perfect blending to give meats a flavorful finish! Use in roasting & grilling, even delicious on roasted potatoes and fresh vegetables. Comes with spoon.

17.6 oz | $28.50
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