naturally flavored


Think of it as a whole new layer of Flavor!©

The Infusions Collection was created to blend the essence of natural herbs and spices with the wholesomeness of all natural, premium sea salts harvested from the Pacific Ocean. Full of flavor, these expertly infused salts were created to bring a palate of flavors from around the world to all of your cooking.

infused with real ginger—addicting

This flavorful, all natural sea salt is expertly infused with real ginger to bring out the most Ginger Zing! in your cooking. The juicy flavor is almost addicting—try it on poultry dishes and crisp salads with sesame dressing!
[contains: unrefined sea salt and fresh ginger]
2.8 oz | $12.00

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think clean, fresh + tangy

Think clean, fresh and tangy! That’s Lime Olé! Squeezed from the freshest limes, our fusion with natural, unrefined sea salt brings a burst of lime to any dish. Enjoy on all of your favorites—fresh fish, Asian foods, desserts, sprinkle over sea food before grilling and of course, the rim of your favorite margaritas!
[contains: sea salt and fresh lime juice]
3.5 oz | $11.00


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divine fragrant curry fusion

A divine fragrance that immediately invites your imagination to play. Try this curry fusion sea salt with chicken and pasta dishes, on roasted potatoes, grilled corn and other veggies. An interesting surprise on acorn squash with brown sugar and of course, in all of your Indian and Asian dishes that would bloom with this delightful compliment of flavors.
[contains: sea salt and curry spices]
4 oz | $12.00

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rich Porcini mushroom aroma

The rich aroma of Porcini mushroom greets you immediately and blossoms when cooking. The perfect compliment to regional and Italian dishes, this fragrant, concentrated flavor of Porcini is notable in sauces, on salmon and delightful in risottos, soups and even sprinkled over crisp greens.

[contains: sea salt and porcini mushrooms]

3.8 oz | $16.00


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fragrant, natural herb flavor

Fragrant and full of natural herb flavor, you will enjoy this infused, unrefined sea salt that is perfect in almost all of your savory cooking, wherever a hint of Rosemary would be welcome. Delicious on oven roasted new potatoes, on roast pork, lamb and sprinkled on Italian garlic bread.

[contains: sea salt and rosemary]

3.5 oz | $10.00

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expertly infused with roasted garlic

Natural sea salt is expertly infused with all natural, roasted garlic. The robust, rich flavor is delicious on almost everything, crusty garlic bread, bagels, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, grilled meats, pastas, and of course a crisp, fresh Caesar salad!

[contains: sea salt and roasted garlic]
3.5 oz | $11.00

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sumptuous toasted onion

The sumptuous fragrance of toasted onion greets you immediately. Use this flavorful sea salt on roasted meats and veggies and it may be equally appreciated as a finishing salt adding just a touch of toasted onion flavor.

[contains: sea salt and toasted onion]
3.5 oz | $11.00

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luscious, rich red wine infused

The romance is complete—the fusion of a luscious, rich red wine and an all natural, whole mineral sea salt. Sel de Sauvignon is the perfect compliment to roast meats, pasta, chicken—think Coq A Vin, sauces and reductions. A beautiful finishing salt, too– sprinkle a little over aged cheddar!

[contains: sea salt and red wine]

3.8 oz | $16.00


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woodsy and citrusy aroma

Szechuan Pepper has a beautiful aromatic fragrance that sets the imagination on fire! Not a traditional peppercorn it brings a flavor with an aroma profile that is more woodsy and citrusy with the perfume of dried spices like coriander & ginger. Szechuan is exotic in spice rubs and opens a world of unexpected culinary possibilities!

2.3 oz | $11.99

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Madagascar vanilla bean infused

Born of the Vanilla Orchid, the fruit of this flower is a pod that takes eigth to nine months to ripen and emits a heavenly vanilla fragrance and flavor. Our vanilla bean sea salt has been infused with the the finest Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla available.

[contains: sea salt and natural vanilla]
3.3 oz | $14.00

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elusive Italian White Alba truffle infused

TRUFFLE BLANC™ is the infusion of the rare and fragrant white Alba Truffle from the heart of Italy, with a fine all natural sea salt. The elusive truffle has been the inspiration to celebrated chefs for centuries and Auguste Escoffier, the world famous chef of the Savoy in London and the Hotel Ritz in Paris, found endless inspiration in the truffle for creating culinary delights savored by Aristocratic Europeans and discerning Americans since the turn of the century.

5.4 oz | $27.99

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french black perigord truffles $ salt

elusive French Black Périgord Truffle infused

On a slightly darker note, we are introducing the seductive Truffle Noir™, a sea salt expertly infused with the equally elusive French Black Périgord Truffle. With a hint more earthiness, this black beauty, sensual in sauces, and absolutely sexy when on sprinkled on grilled meats, promises not to disappoint!

4.8 oz | $27.99

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hot + spicy



cool + green

sultry Thai chili sea salt {hot + spicy}

If you like HEAT and a lot of flavor, Sriracha Chili infused sea salt is an inspiration! Left on the vine until it is a crimson red, this popular hot chili’s flavor blooms! Enjoy in regional sauces, sprinkle over grilled veggies and delicious on chicken. Mineral-rich and full of flavor, you can find inspiration everywhere you use it!
[contains: sea salt and Sriracha Chili]

2.6 oz | $14.00


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Matcha Zen green-tea infused

Because Matcha Tea is made from the whole tea leaf and painstakingly grown and harvested, it is supercharged with nutrients and antioxidants. In fact, it has more anti-oxidants than any other fruit or vegetable! These antioxidants protect the integrity of our cells, and provide great anti-aging benefits. Matcha also gives a unique energy boost that lasts all day. This is because Matcha is rich in L-Theanine, an amino acid that increases alpha waves in the brain to reduce stress. Infused into all natural flake sea salt—this is a perfect combination to enjoy as a finishing salt in all your cooking.

4.2 oz jar $16.00

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