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8 Varieties of Natural Gourmet Sea Salts in Plastic Jars with Shake/Pour Flip Top.

robust sea salt smoked over an open fire

One of our most popular sellers! A robust sea salt smoked over an open fire of aged, sweet Apple wood, this enticing salt adds a sweet and smoky flavor for all your grilling and roasting. It is excellent on grilled veggies, steaks, chops, shish kabobs, potatoes…anywhere you would like to enjoy a subtle, smoky flavor.

[contains: natural unrefined sea salt]

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hand-harvested with trace nutrients + minerals

Whole Mineral Gray Sea Salt—From the cold Brittany Coastal waters of northern France, this coarse gray sea salt is hand-harvested in the centuries-old Celtic tradition. Its soft gray color is from the clay that lines the salt ponds adding an extraordinary bonus of trace nutrients and minerals not found in most sea salts. The coarser Brittany Gray™ can be ground easily with a salt grinder or mortar and pestle, and can be served from a small dish at the table.

[contains: sea salt certified from the Nature & Progres Institute in France, a strict certification process ensuring purity and excellence]
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delicate crystallized black sea salt

A delicate, crystallized black sea salt is hand harvested from the pristine waters off the Isle of Cyprus in the Mediterranean and then expertly blended with pure, food grade activated charcoal that both aids in digestion and removing impurities from the body. The crystals of salt form tiny pyramids! This beautiful black sea salt adds drama to everything you sprinkle it on. [Great on baked potatoes, salads, asparagus and other veggies and freshly baked, crusty breads and fish.]

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one of the finest salts in the world

Regarded as one of the finest salts in the world, Fleur de Sel literally translated, the Flower of the Sea, is the “Caviar of Salts.” Harvested from the very top layer of the famous French salt ponds on the Brittany coast only when the weather conditions are just right, and only at certain times of the year, Fleur de Sel deGuérande is prized for its delicate texture and exquisite flavor.

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a tropical delight, crunchy + flavorful

A tropical delight, Mayan Sun is born in Mangrove Sanctuaries on the sunlit coastal waters of El Salvador. Pure ocean water is captured in man-made ponds formed from mineral-rich volcanic soil and the sun and wind perform their magic leaving behind snowy white crystals of crunchy, flavorful sea salts full of vital minerals and trace nutrients.

[contains: unrefined sea salt]

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from the pure coastal waters of Molokai

Born of the Volcano, Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of the volcano, is honored here because for centuries, Hawaiians have enjoyed this beautiful salt, harvested from the pure coastal waters of Molokai and mixed with a small amount of iron-oxide rich, red Hawaiian volcanic clay, Alaea, that gives this salt its beautiful color. This ancient process seals in moisture while adding a subtle, rich flavor.

[contains: purified volcanic Alaea clay and unrefined Hawaiian sea salt]

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primordial salts with health benefits

The most ancient and purest salt on earth, Tibetan Rose™ is found deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains where it has rested for over 250 million years! These beautiful pink crystals are rich in 84 minerals and are said to have their own intrinsic energy taken from the earth itself. Selected from the top 10% of the salt mined, these primordial salts provide a wide variety of health benefits. A wonderful way to bring healthy Himalayan salt to your table.

[contains: unrefined sea salt]

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a true artisan salt

These pure white, mineral-rich salts are harvested from the coastal waters off Sicily where they have been producing salt since 200 B.C. Known for it’s mild flavor, Trapani is a true artisan salt making it the perfect compliment for all your cooking. Lovely in a small dish at the table. [contains: unrefined sea salt]
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