Baja Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler in embossed tin with unrefined savory and spicy sea salts from Mexico.

Baja Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler IN EMBOSSED TIN


The Baja Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler offers the perfect opportunity to dive flavor first into the Soul and Sizzle of the Baja Mexican cuisine with the spicy fire of chilies, the refreshing tang of lime and fresh squeezed lemons, the velvety smoothness of the finest vanilla beans together with the crisp, clean essence of unrefined sea salt and wind-swept beaches. And that’s just the beginning! These beautiful salts, each one dancing to the rhythms of Mexico’s diverse array of savory and spice, are not only full of flavor, they are rich in over 80 trace minerals found naturally in seawater. The Baja Gourmet promises to be full of fun, flavor and a little fire!
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Mayan Sun* [El Salvador]
From the waters of the Mangrove Tree on the Pacific coast of El Salvador, this fine, white salt is harvested full of minerals and bright, salty flavor. Excellent on fresh melons, in salads, veggies, meats and pasta.

Viva Blanco
Muy Bueno! Lovely, hand-harvested sea salt from Ziahuatanejo, Mexico on the Pacific coast. Full of flavor and minerals with a delightful crunch, our Baja Sea Salts are perfect for creating your own rubs for grilling, too!

Salado Negro
a beautiful, unrefined sea salt is expertly blended w/activated charcoal to add a little drama as a perfect finishing salt on meats, rice, and on the rim of your Margarita!

Lime Olé!™* [U.S.A.]
Fresh lime infused natural sea salt, lovely on a variety of fish and veggies, and of course, the rim of your favorite margarita!

Asado Ajo™* [U.S.A.]
Roasted Garlic. Adds natural, roasted garlic flavor to everything you enjoy garlic on veggies, soups, stews, artisan breads, grilled roasts and meats.

Sebolla Toastado™*
Toasted Onion. Robust natural toasted onion flavor, this sea salt is great on green beans, in soups and stews, on roasted veggies—even bagels.

Vanilla Bourbon*
Prized for its sweet, smooth flavor, this Madagascar Bourbon vanilla infused sea salt brings a soft, salty-sweet finish to desserts, grilled poultry, even coffee!

Espresso D’Oro™
Sumptuous, dark, espresso, as every good chef knows, is the secret to bringing out that divine flavor in anything chocolate and great for rubs and marinades, too.

Jalapeno Heat™
With a kiss of Jalapeno chili heat, this subtly spicy sea salt will compliment sauces, pasta, grilled meats and of course, your favorite enchilada supreme!

Chipotle Caliente™
Warm and spicy, this flavorful sea salt brings the rich, smoky essence of Chipotle peppers to your salsas and sauces, grilled chicken, marinades and rubs.

If you like it hot with a lot of flavor, the real heat of the Sriracha Chili is an inspiration! Enjoy on eggs, cheesy breads, piles of loaded nachos, and all of your Baja cooking!

Habanero Sizzle!
What could be more enticing than one of the hottest chilies known—combined with natural sea salt to bring an intense heat to your favorite Baja dish?

Blanco Diablo!™
Ghost Pepper! The devil himself could not have made it hotter! If you like it hot, you’ll love this white-hot sea salt! Warning! Not for the faint of heart!

Limon Zest!™
Pucker up and enjoy the refreshing power of lemon in this delightful salt on grilled seafood, on the rim of your favorite Island drinks and it is a perfect finishing salt even to desserts and fresh fruits!

Sultry Serrano™
Maturity is the key to this slow smoked chili infused sea salt that blooms with a touch of heat. Enjoy in sauces, sprinkle over grilled veggies, delicious on chicken.

Tomato del Sol™
With the rosy red color of a red, ripe tomato, this beautiful and colorful sea salt will be one of your favorites to garnish everything from deviled eggs, olive oil dips, grilled fish, rice and pastas, good in rubs, too!

*Indicates that these salts are available in larger jars

PLEASE NOTE: The variety of sea salts being offered in this sampler are subject to change without notice.