5 flavorful Peppercorns and creative blends, as well as 4 Natural, mineral-rich Sea Salts have been paired for their particular compliment to grilled meats, veggies and sea foods! Use these salts primarily as a finishing salt to get the most flavor and to preserve the delicate minerals. Sprinkle peppercorns on food anytime during cooking.

For maximum flavor all peppercorns are best if ground only as needed.
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The Salts

Butcher's Blend [Piper Nigerum + Smoked Applewood Sea Salt]
Perhaps the perfect seasoning delicious steaks and chops on the grill, this blend of cracked Indian Black Peppercorns, fragrant with a rush of fiery heat that lingers on the palate, and the distinct pungent and smoky flavor of sweet Applewood Smoked sea salts, brings the best of both worlds together for an unexpected treat! For added flavor, sprinkle just a bit of our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt upon removing meat from the grill and enjoy the perfect flavor combination!

Roasted Garlic* [U.S.A.]
Adds natural, roasted garlic flavor to everything you enjoy garlic on veggies, soups, stews, artisan breads, meats, bagels.

Toasted Onion* [U.S.A.]
Robust natural toasted onion flavor, this sea salt is great on green beans, in soups and stews, on roasted veggies, even bagels.

Pele Red Hawaiian™* [U.S.A.]
A striking red finishing salt, used in Hawaii for centuries, Pele Red Hawaiian™ is actually a pristine white salt from the island of Molokai that has been expertly blended with Alaea Clay—a volcanic clay rich in iron oxide-its red color! Enjoy this salt on fresh crisp salads, roast pork, veggies, sprinkle on bites of aged cheddar.

Southern Smoked™ [Blend]
Delightful blend of two smoky salts with garlic & rosemary infused salt

The Peppercorns

Tellicherry [India]
Tellicherry Black Peppercorns rich, with fruity aroma and fiery heat are left to ripen longer on the vine, making them larger, sweeter and more complex in flavor than ordinary peppercorns.

Melange Mix [Blend]
A delightful blending of four peppercorns—black, white, pink and green, this makes a beautiful display in a clear grinder! Excellent on creamy pastas, in soups, and in sauces—a diverse pepper flavor with some decided heat.

Green Peppercorn [Pepper Verdé Piper Nigerum, Brazil]
Less pungent, green peppercorns are picked long before maturity. With a pleasant, herbaceous flavor, they are delicious in pepper steak sauce and is often used in French, Creole, Thai recipes, excellent on fish and sauces.

Euro Peppercorn [Blend]
White & Black Spicy heat with a fruity spice bite—great on fish and veggies.