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Long considered the Spice of Kings, the peppercorn has held a powerful role in history, influencing trade with Rome, ancient Egypt, India, Malaysia and China. Like sea salt, peppercorns were highly valued for their dramatic flavor and often used in place of money.
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Tellicherry [India]
Tellicherry Black Peppercorns rich, with fruity aroma and fiery heat are left to ripen longer on the vine, making them larger, sweeter and more complex in flavor than ordinary peppercorns.

Pink Peppercorn [Schinus terebinthifolius
Grown in Brazil]
These beautiful pink peppercorns are actually a different species than black peppercorns. Beautiful as a garnish over foods, they have a delightful spicy-sweet flavor with nuances of citrus.

Melange Mix [Blend]
A delightful blending of four peppercorns—black, white, pink and green, this makes a beautiful display in a clear grinder! Excellent on creamy pastas, in soups, and in sauces—a diverse pepper flavor with some decided heat.

Green Peppercorn [Pepper Verdé Piper Nigerum, Brazil]
Less pungent, green peppercorns are picked long before maturity. With a pleasant, herbaceous flavor, they are delicious in pepper steak sauce and is often used in French, Creole, Thai recipes, excellent on fish and sauces.

White Peppercorn [Malaysia Borneo]
This white pepper has become a standout in the culinary world for its incredibly distinct mild flavor with a floral bite, musky with some heat. Complements mild, creamy textures where the spice really stands out. Use in whites sauces as well.

Black Peppercorns

To produce black pepper, immature green berries are picked, briefly fermented, and then dried. During drying the pepper shrivels, becomes wrinkled, and turns black or dark brown. The black peppercorn has a fine, fruity, pungent fragrance with warm, woody, and lemony notes. A versatile and flavorful pepper!

Chef’s Blend [Blend]
Black & Roasted Garlic Sea Salt. Contemporary blending of two favorites, these were meant to be together! Perfect on grilled steaks, roasts, sauces, and veggies.

Butcher's Blend [Piper Nigerum + Smoked Applewood Sea Salt]
Perhaps the perfect seasoning delicious steaks and chops on the grill, this blend of cracked Indian Black Peppercorns, fragrant with a rush of fiery heat that lingers on the palate, and the distinct pungent and smoky flavor of sweet Applewood Smoked sea salts, brings the best of both worlds together for an unexpected treat! For added flavor, sprinkle just a bit of our Roasted Garlic Sea Salt upon removing meat from the grill and enjoy the perfect flavor combination!

Malabar Peppercorn [Piper Nigerum]
From the Malabar Coast, Malabar Black Peppercorns have a light, fragrant aroma and a rush of fiery heat that lingers on the palate. Malabar is considered one of the finest peppercorns in the world!

Herbaceous Blend™ [Blend]
Black Peppercorns, Rosemary Passion™ sea salt & Sel d’Oignon™ Toasted Onion sea salt. A combo on a serious mission! With almost limitless possibilities, this delicious blending of Black Peppercorns, Sel d’Oignon™ and Rosemary Passion™ sea salts is perfect on almost everything!

French Blend [Blend]
This gourmet blend of Green and Black Peppercorns creates a delightful compliment of herbaceous and fragrant aromas blended to compliment a slightly lighter fare of fish, pastas and salads.

Euro Peppercorn [Blend]
Black & White is a classic once again with the blending of the spicy hot white peppercorn and the more dramatic, fruity spice of the black peppercorn. Excellent on roasted meats and green veggies looking for a little lift in flavor!