World Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler in embossed tin with 16 flavorful and delicious unrefined sea salts from Bolivia, Hawaii, France, Australia, Peru, Cyprus, Sicily and other countries from around the world.

World Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler in Embossed Tin

A beautiful collection of 16 unrefined, all natural sea salts are offered in the Gourmet World Sea Salt sampler! A dramatic black pyramid flake from the Isle of Cyprus, an exotic and almost mystic sea salt full of minerals mined from an ancient sea bed high in the Himalayas and a delicate peach-colored flake from Australia- just to name a few, are yours to explore and enjoy. [Each container has about 1/4 oz. of each salt]
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Bali Hai™ [Island of Bali]
Born of the union of earth, wind and sun, these pyramid flakes are harvested young—during sultry mornings and rainy afternoons on the Island of Bali in the Indian Ocean. Snow white with a subtle salty flavor, Bali Hai™ is salt perfection. These flakes are delicious on fresh veggies, salads and sea foods.

Brittany Gray™* [France]
Whole mineral sea salt harvested in the ancient Celtic method on the Brittany coast, is full of natural flavor. Use Brittany Gray™ with confidence for all your cooking and baking. It is a naturally “wet” salt and is best kept in the jar.

Cyprus Onyx™* [Isle of Cyprus]
Dramatic with a delightful crunch! A beautiful and dramatic salt on pasta, salads, fresh veggies, rims of drinks! Activated Charcoal, good for digestion, gives its dramatic black color!

Fleur de Sel* [Brittany, France]
Called the Flower of the Sea and often regarded as the most prized sea salt in the world, Fleur de Sel is the perfect finishing salt! Light and crisp, this exquisite sea salt is delicious. Delightful presented in a small dish at the table.

Silver Palm™ [Pacific]
A beautiful salt harvested from the clear waters off the Island of Molokai in the vast Pacific Ocean. A crisp, white salt that compliments all of your island cooking—seafood, crisp salads and vegetables, perfect for baking, too!

Pele Red Hawaiian™* [Hawaii U.S.A.]
A striking red finishing salt, used in Hawaii for centuries, is actually a pristine white salt from the island of Molokai that has been expertly blended with Alaea Clay—a volcanic clay rich in iron oxide giving it the rich red color. Enjoy this salt on fresh crisp salads, roast pork, veggies, sprinkle on bites of aged cheddar!

Tibetan Rose™ [Himalayan]
From ancient sea beds high in the Himalayas, this beautiful pink salt is known for its healing powers & is full of minerals. Rich and salty, it is delicious in all your cooking and baking. Lovely in a clear salt grinder, too!

Aussie Snow™* [Australia]
A beautiful snowy white, mineral-rich salt from the deep Pacific waters off Australia, Aussie Snow™ is aptly named. Crisp and clean, this flavorful salt compliments fresh veggies, sauces, meats, pasta and is great for baking.

Trapani* [Italy]
Handcrafted from the warm waters off the Island of Sicily in the Mediterranean, this remarkable salt has been produced for centuries with the classic red windmills pumping in the waters from the Med to shallow ponds where the warm sun and wind work in synergy to produce this fine, white sea salt that has an exceptional flavor profile. Simply Bellissimo!

Sagrada Rosa™* [Peru]
From the Sacred Valley, high in the mountains of Peru, this delicate pink sea salt is hand-harvested from literally thousands of small rectangular plots owned by families for generations. Brine water bubbles to the surface from a spring called Qoripujio—water from an underground ancient ocean that lies now deep within the mountains. This salt is delicate in flavor and a lovely compliment to all your food.

Infusions Collection

Matcha ZEN™*

Matcha Green Tea Sea Salt—Premium stone-ground Japanese Matcha green tea is combined with natural, mineral-rich sea salt to offer a delicate flavor and healthful sea salt high in amino acids. A very auspicious combination! Enjoy this beautiful salt on lighter fare—vegetable dishes, eggs, steamed or fried fish. Colorful as a finishing salt, too! Also, Matcha Tea has been shown to reduce carcinogens in grilled red meats and tastes great in rubs for meats. “The philosophy of Japanese Chado: wa, kei, sei, jaki (harmony, respect, purity, tranquility) all prized in the Japanese tea ceremony for honoring ourselves and others, can go a long way to developing a more peaceful world”… and wouldn’t that be nice!

Rosemary Passion™*

Herb infused—this versatile, naturally flavored sea salt is wonderful on pork, sprinkled over grilled or baked red potatoes and chicken, even cheesy breads.

Lime Olé!*

Fresh lime infused sea salt is perfect on grilled sea foods, Tequila Lime Chicken, guacamole, crisp salads, Key Lime pie and of course, on your favorite Margaritas!

Sel d’Ail Roti™*

Real roasted garlic infused into sea salt. Adds a robust, wonderful roasted garlic flavor to foods—sprinkle on grilled steaks and veggies, soups stews, artisan breads

Sel de Oignon™*

Real Toasted Onion and sea salt. Delightful toasted onion adds flavor to fresh green beans, soups and stews, on roasted veggies, scrambled eggs, try on a bagel!

Sel de Sauvignon™*

The romance is complete, red wine infused into a crisp sea salt, delightful in sauces, roasts, sprinkle on cheddar cheese for a hint of wine and beautiful color!

*Indicates that these salts are available in larger jars.

PLEASE NOTE: The variety of sea salts being offered in this sampler are subject to change without notice.