International Sea Salt & Grinder Set

Salts of the 7 Seas

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This International Sea Salt & Grinder Set features a lighted stainless steel grinder along with a 21oz. bag of international sea salt of your choosing. This sea salt grinder has a ceramic, non-corrosive grinding mechanism, making it the perfect choice for a sea salt. This grinder has adjustable grinding sizes from powdery to very coarse and also features a LED light which illuminates while grinding. We offer a selection of seven different varieties of international sea salt for you to choose from as part of your set. There are descriptions below of the various varieties from which to choose for your stainless steel grinder.**Note that the grinder requires 4 AA batteries, not included. (The wooden bowl is for salt display purposes only, and is not included in the set.)


Choose one of the 7 Different International Sea Salt Varieties:

Hawaiian OnyxTM Hawaiian Style Gourmet Sea Salt- An exotic, all-natural white sea salt made black with activated charcoal from the shells of coconuts. It is a crunchy way to finish a variety of dishes and a dramatic way to rim a glass for your favorite cocktail!

Sal de BoliviaTM Andes Mountains Gourmet Sea Salt- A very rare natural rose-colored mineral sea salt. Mined from the ancient ocean salt deposits found deep within the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia.

Aussie SnowTM Austrailan Southern Ocean Gourmet Sea Salt- Harvested from one of the southernmost places on earth. This pristine white chunky sea salt has a crisp, flavorful quality that melts in your mouth.

Pele RedTM Hawaiian Gourmet Sea Salt-  A beautiful, mineral rich sea salt made red with Aleea Clay, an ancient volcanic clay from the Island of Maui. This iron rich clay is mixed into the snow white sea salt with a process Hawaiians have used for centuries.

Tibetan RoseTM Himalayan Gourmet Sea Salt- Cosidered the most ancient and purest salt on earth, this sea salt is found deep within the Himalayan Mountains where it has rested for over 250 million years. These pink crystals are rich in 84 minerals and are said to provide a wide variety of health benefits.

Brittany GrayTM French Mineral Gourmet Sea Salt- In De Guerande France, this sea salt has been harvested in the Celtic tradition for centuries.This gray sea salt is high in moisture content and offers a complex briny flavor with an abundance of minerals.

Sal De Maya Mexican Gourmet Sea Salt- Produced in Mexico, this beautiful, flavorful sea salt is full of 84 minerals that our bodies need to stay healthy. This fluffy, white sea salt is produced along the tropical coastlines of Mexico and is sure to become your favorite sea salt!