Nautilus Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

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Salts of the 7 Seas wants you to sample the world!

 Now twice the amount, this new larger sea salt sampler features 12 all natural sea salts, each one rich in flavor and 84 trace minerals, completely unrefined, and each imparting a texture and flavor all their own. Salts of the 7 Seas' sea salts have no artificial colors, or flavors and, unlike many less expensive, commercial "sea salts," our beautiful sea salts have never been exposed to the high heats in drying that might damage their delicate and important minerals. Plastic case is 6 1/2" x 4 3/4" x 1" Each container holds about 1/2 oz.

Salt of Heaven [South Korea] A delicate, crunchy sea salt harvested from the Yellow Sea, off the west coast of South Korea. These white and crunchy sea salt crystals are harvested at a family owned sea salt farm where they are further dried in beautiful wood-lined salt barns located near the ponds.

Sal de Bolivia™[[Bolivia] From an ancient ocean deep within the Andes mountains of Bolivia, a beautiful pink sea salt has lain buried for millions of years, protected and pure.Sal de Bolivia is a mineral rich sea salt, balanced in flavor and is perfect for all of your cooking. Lovely as a finishing salt when presented in a small dish at the table.

Hawaiian Onyx[Hawaii] An exotic, all natural sea salt  that is made withactivated charcoal from the shells of coconuts. A robust, jet black color makes theses lively crunchy grains a dramatic way to finish a dish. It is a versatile artisan salt fit for any cuisine! Enjoy as a finishing salt on eggs, veggies, potatoes, and pastas. 

Salts of Magellan[Portugal] If you are in search of the perfect sea salt, you will find this beautiful, fluffy white salt to be a world away from common table salt. It has been said that there is indeed perfection in every pinch! Make it your discovery!

*Tibetan Rose Flake [Himalayan Mountains] Containing over 80 trace elements and iron, this pink himalayan salt is richer in minerals than regular salt and contains less sodium per serving. Formed over 250 million years ago, and mined from the mountains themselves, this salt is the purest in the world.

Sagada Rosa[Peru] From the Sacred Valley in the mountains of Peru, this delicate pink sea salt is hand harvested from literally thousands of small rectangular plots owned by families for generations located on the side of the mountains. Brine water bubbles to the surface from a spring called Ooripujio- water from an ancient underground ocean that now lies deep within the mountains. This salt is delicate in flavor and a lovely compliment to all food.

Flor Blanca[Mexico] This tropical sea salt is Mexico's answer to the french Guerande sea salt. This white, delicate sea salt is hand harvested on the coast of Manzanillo, Mexico.


Garlic Noir  Black Garlic infused sea salt. This finest black garlic and all natural sea salt make a premium pairing. With  deep, sweet notes reminiscent of basalmic vinegar, this unami packed delicacy turns salad dressings, roasted veggies and steak into high-end fare. Contains: Natural sea salt and black Garlic. Made in U.S.A.

Vanilla Bean™  From Madagascar, the Vanilla Orchid seed pod brings the flavorful vanilla bean to life. Expertly infused into our natural sea salt, it produces a winning combination which compliments a variety of foods. Of course desserts come to mind: apple pie, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate cake. Don't let us forget sweet potatoes and acorn squash!

*Exotic Bamboo JadeHawaiian Bamboo is an exotic plant that produces certified, organic bamboo leaf extracts. These extracts give this beautiful Bamboo Jade sea salt it's rich green color. The sea salt is harvested from the waters around the island of Molokai, in the Hawaiian Islands. This green sea salt will enhance stir-fries, meat dishes, ahi tuna, asain coleslaw, basmati rice, mangoes and edamame, just to name a few! Bamboo Jade has no artifical color or flavor.

Sel De Sauvignon™  The romance is complete, red wine infused into a natural sea salt! Delightful in all your cooking, use as a finishing salt . Perfect for adding a hint of wine to your sauces, meats, and cheeses!

Applewood Smoked Reminiscent Cold  smoked over aged applewood, this savory sea salt is known for its subtle sweetness and mild smoky flavor. obust sea salt smoked over an open fire of aged, sweet applewood. This enticing sea salt adds a sweet, smoky flavor to all of your grilling and roang.Adds flavor to fresh green beans, soups and stews, on rosted veggies, scrambled eggs, try on a bagel!

*Indicates that these salts are available in larger jars.
PLEASE NOTE: The variety of sea salts being offered in this sampler are subject to change without notice.