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Pan Seared Scallops with Porcini Mushrooms

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Pan Seared Scallops with Porcini Mushrooms

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1 dozen large New England Bay scallops, 3-4 per person
1 lb. fresh Italian wild porcini mushrooms, cleaned
4 tbsp. virgin olive oil
2 tbsp. Sherry
⅔ cup half & half or light cream
¼ tsp. Infusions Porcini Mushroom Sea Salt
freshly ground pepper, to taste
1 tbsp. creamery butter, unsalted

  1. Rinse scallops and dry on paper towels
  2. Heat olive oil in a heavy sauté pan until very hot—not smoking.One by one lay the scallops in the hot oil and allow to brown on one side without turning—watch carefully and do not burn. Scallops will be a nice crusty brown when they are ready to turn.
  3. Proceed to cook the other side of the scallops, but be careful not to overcook or they can get quite rubbery—scallops lose their translucence when they done. Remove from skillet to a platter and cover.
  4. Reduce heat to medium and in the same skillet, add butter, 2/3 cup cream and stir over medium heat until well blended– scraping up crustlings of scallops that might remain. Continue cooking until reduced by almost half and add the Sherry and freshly ground pepper. Add fresh mushrooms, stirring constantly, add a little more cream if necessary—sauce should be almost brown. Sauté until mushrooms have cooked through and sauce has almost been completely absorbed. Remove to separate dish and cover.
  5. To serve: Arrange mushrooms on a section of the plate and add scallops on top. Sprinkle lightly with Porcini Mushroom sea salt—a perfect finishing salt—rich with Porcini flavor.
  6. Complimented nicely with fresh asparagus sautéed in orange juice and sprinkled lightly sprinkled with Murray River Flaked salt just before serving
  7. For a starch, try a rice mix of Jasmine and Wild Rice lightly seasoned. Hot, crusty French bread and a mixed greens salad to start.
  8. Wine paring: Whitehaven Sauvignon Blanc—well chilled, a full-flavored medium bodies wine, with an abundance of archetypal currant and gooseberry flavors that linger on the clean, dry finish. You may even note the hint of a citrusy grapefruit finish. Very refreshing!