The Salts of Magellan (Portuguese Sea Salt)


Portuguese Sea Salt | $15.95

If you are in search of the perfect sea salt, you will find this beautiful, fluffy white salt to be a world away from common table salt. Hand-harvested in Ria Formosa and Sapal de Castro Marim from Portugal's coastal Atlantic waters, it has been said that there is indeed perfection in every pinch! While Portugal is known for many famous explorers, we thought it appropriate to name this beautiful sea salt after Ferdinand Magellan, the man who organized the 5 ship, 270 man expedition in search of a route to the East Indies, resulting in the discovery and naming of the Pacific Ocean AND the first journey to circumnavigate the Earth. His was a harrowing and momentous journey that opened the western world to the Far East and a plethora of spices and seasonings that we enjoy on our foods today.

4.5 oz

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