Sophisticated metal towers hold 5 gourmet sea salts in recycled glass jars. Attractive informative Hang Tag is included.

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filled with either TELLICHERRY CRACKED PEPPERCORNS or SALTS OF MAGELLAN PORTUGUESE SEA SALT—or buy the set and receive a free bamboo serving base and two wooden spoons!
tellicherry peppercorns in ceramic crock from Portugal

TELLICHERRY cracked peppercorns fill this custom black ceramic crock made in Portugal

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salts of magellan portuguese sea salt in crock por

SALTS OF MAGELLAN PORTUGUESE SEA SALT, a snow white sea salt from from Portugal's coastal Atlantic waters

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Purchase the set of Portuguese crocks; and receive FREE bamboo serving base and two wooden spoons

ceramic crocks from Portugal salt and pepper holiday gift
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salt + pepper mills by Peugeot

Innovative interchangeable compartments for both the Zanzibar peppercorn and sea salt mills allows you to easily change your choice of seasonings at the push of a button!

Why limit yourself to just one type of peppercorn or sea salt in your grinder? Crack into the delicious creativity of Exotic Peppercorns and Sea Salts from Salts of the 7 Seas. We offer a wide variety of over 40 Sea Salts and 12 Peppercorns and many of them are available in the new Zanzibar interchangeable compartments. Think of exploring so many sea salts and peppercorns with just a twist of your wrist! There’s a whole world out there of flavor to explore!

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Receive 3 additional Interchangable Pods FREE with every purchase a Zanibar Pepper Bar or Zanzibar Salt Bar! [Retail Price $7.95 each] Let us choose....while supplies last.

free zanzibar peppercorn pods
free zanzibar salt pods
lacy wing-like clusters resembling that of a Dragonfly’s wing premium quality sea salt

Peugeot Zanzibar Pepper Bar

The Pepper Bar Comes with: Dong Nai Black + Voatsiperifery Black + Muntok White
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featuring 3 interchangeable peppercorn compartments

A unique concept : the multi-pepper mill! Unlike any other, the multi-pepper mill features interchangeable compartments, each filled with a curated selection of exceptional peppercorns. Amaze yourself and set off on a journey in discovery of unique flavors…

The innovative Peugeot Zanzibar interchangeable compartments are perfect for being filled with the sea salts and peppercorns offered by Salts of the 7 Seas!

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Peugeot Zanzibar Salt Bar

The Salt Bar Comes with: Tibetan Rose™ + Sal de Italia™ + Pele Red Hawaiian™
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featuring 3 interchangeable sea salt compartments

A new concept in flavor, the Zanzibar Salt Mill from Peugeot is a unique multi-salt mill, with interchangeable compartments that can be filled with your choice of salts and salt mixtures. It embodies the Peugeot heritage of spice mill quality and innovation, while tying in with contemporary food trends. It is easy to use. To switch compartments, just push the two buttons on each side of the mill, and twist counterclockwise. The mill grinds upside down, a handy feature that keeps tabletops and counters free from residue.

The patented stainless steel mechanism is spice-specific, created to bring out the best in salt. The mill features Peugeot’s patented and exclusive U-Select adjustment system, with six pre-defined settings or anywhere in between. Peugeot Mills are the strongest and most durable on the market. The Salt Bar comes filled with Tibetan Rose™, Sal de Italia™ and Pele Red Hawaiian™.