you asked for hotter!

SCORPION™ Epically Hot Sea Salt. CAUTION! Not for the faint of heart!

The blazing hot authentic Trinidad Scorpion Pepper, the world’s HOTTEST, has been infused into a flaky sea salt. Go slowly, start with a few sprinkles to add some serious heat to your chili, wings and grilled meats. BUCKLE UP!

Our original TRIPLE DARE Hot + Spicy Sea Salts


triple dare 1 jalapeno-caliente

Triple Dare I Jalapeno-Caliente

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Jalapeno Caliente is a fresh, all natural combination of spicy, but no too hot, Jalapeno peppers and pure sea salt. In terms of heat, Jalapeno sea salt falls in the middle of our hot varieties. Jalapeno Caliente pairs nicely with avocado, bacon, chili and garlic and anything cheddar. It is also an excellent option for a seasoning blend for both red meat and chicken. This spicy blend adds just the right amount of heat and a crunchy texture you will enjoy on a wide variety of foods!


triple dare 2 habenero-fire

Triple Dare II Habanero-Fire!

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Habanero Fire! Sea Salt is carefully crafted with ripe, high-heat Habanero peppers + pure, natural sea salt. This popular fiery taste of Habanero peppers is center stage in this spicy salt. Delicious sprinkled in fruit salsas, even on chocolate, this all- natural spicy sea salt also pairs nicely with the flavors of lime, cilantro, allspice and cumin!


triple dare 3 bianco diablo

Triple Dare III Bianco Diablo!

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Blanco Diablo! came by it’s name honestly! The Devil himself could not have made this blazing sea salt any hotter. The Ghost Pepper known as Naga Jolokia is the fire in this robust and earthy balance of flames and flavor! You will be sure to enjoy this if you like your sea salt Smokin’ Hot! Warning: Very hot and spicy! Delicious in all your cooking...if you dare!

Hot & Spicy Sea Salts!