founded to bring the beautiful and healthy world of whole mineral, all natural sea salts to people everywhere who love to cook and eat.



Salts of the 7 Seas was founded to bring the beautiful and healthy world of whole mineral, all natural sea salts to people everywhere who love to cook and eat. Produced in exacting standards with attention to purity, wholesomeness and respect for the environment, our gourmet salts stand alone in their presentation, information and education so important to today’s health-conscious consumer.

Years ago, when I first began using whole, natural sea salt, I was attracted to the beautiful coarse, gray sea salt—the Gray Sea Salt from Brittany, France. I loved to pour it into my grinder and I used it on everything—the flavors it brought out were wonderful, almost seductive, but little did I know there was much more to the story than just a beautiful salt.

In the fall, Linda from Salts of the 7 Seas was a featured guest on the Fat Cat Cooking Show. Listen in as Chef Saundra and Linda had fun talking about many of our all natural gourmet sea salts from around the world as well as finding some ideal recipes to use a variety of our naturally flavor-infused sea salts! Chef Saundra, as always, had a tasty line-up of fabulous and timely recipes, perfect for scrumptious fall cooking.





Playing the field…

It’s true, nothing lasts forever, and when I ran out of my gray salt over 10 years ago, I immediately began trying to find more—at the time, it wasn’t easy in my town. But perseverance paid off and in my research, I was thrilled to discover that there was an entire world of beautiful, colorful sea salts out there! With so many salts all demanding my attention and imagination, I was almost giddy at the prospect of cooking and experimenting with all of them.

A little wine and thou…

And so, my great odyssey began and my kitchen became a sea salt wonderland, full of every color, every texture, every nuance of flavor Mother Nature had to offer. I tried them all and I even developed some great fusion sea salts too, one in particular with Sel de Sauvignon wine that has come to be a favorite of my guests and good friends who also love to cook. Everyone was so surprised to discover how much flavor and texture these wonderful sea salts had to offer, they all wanted to take some home.

Keeping them close…

Of course, as I began finding my favorite salts and using them all the time, I realized there had to be another way to keep them handy without cluttering up my counter tops and cupboards with endless bags and jars and I began to consider what might be the perfect way to keep everything organized and handy. I took a good idea one step further and developed the Artisan Cans™ and Stands, our great little magnetic stainless steel cans that sit conveniently on the ―”L” stands by the stove. I thought everyone would enjoy having these wonderful sea salts near at hand and in a few short months, Salts of the 7 Seas™ was born to bring these gifts from the sea to your kitchen and table!

Made for each other…

But, every love affair, if its worth its salt…has more to offer than just a beautiful face, the truly exciting part to discovering these natural sea salts was not only that they are wonderful to cook with, they are also one of our most important sources for the many trace minerals and nutrients that are vital to a healthy body and its many complex chemical functions. I had no idea that all these years we have been stripping these important nutrients from our table salts to make them “PURE”. . . ? All we were actually doing was robbing our bodies of what they needed the most—vital minerals and trace nutrients we were created to need and use. You can read more about our sea salts and their impact on our health on the Healthy Sea Salts page.

Making my heart happy….

The more I learned about these minerals and nutrients and how they contribute to our health, I became aware how much we have all been seriously deprived of their benefits by using regular table salt that has been stripped of every nutrient except sodium chloride, then bleached and uncaked with chemicals! YUK! No wonder, I marveled, that so many of us are sick, undernourished and over-salted! And ironically, through the over zealous low salt diets prescribed over the last 25 years, thought to be the culprit in high blood pressure and other heart maladies, we are now actually at risk of not having enough quality salt in our diets with equally poor results. A great many of us are seriously deficient in these valuable minerals and our health is suffering because of it. As it turns out, doctors are discovering everyday that natural, whole sea salt is actually good for us, even helping to prevent many diseases and heart conditions! Who knew? I am proud to bring these beautiful gifts from the oceans of the world to your table. I hope that you will enjoy them with your friends and family in good health!

Linda N.J. Szymanski

President | Salts of the 7 Seas, LLC