WARM UP + ENJOY COOKING comfort food with the hand-selected, all natural gourmet sea salts and peppercorns from Salts of the 7 Seas!
Through extensive research and lots of taste testing we have selected the finest gourmet sea salts + peppercorns from around the world to share with you. Please enjoy reading about our fine selection of artisan sea salts and peppercorn blends AND cooking with the world’s favorite seasonings!

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We bring these very special seasoning to you in handsome custom ceramic crocks made in Portugal and filled to be enjoyed in all of your cooking by the stove or at the table. We hope you will enjoy!
TELLICHERRY cracked peppercorns fill this custom black ceramic crock made in Portugal
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FLOS SALIS, a snow white sea salt from Algarve’s coastline fills this custom white ceramic crock made in Portugal
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Purchase a set of Tellicherry Pepper and Flos Salis crocks and receive two wooden spoons for FREE.
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organic peppercorns

KAMPOT, CAMBODIA: the perfect spot on earth for growing peppercorns

A nearby sea, flanking mountains, a quartz-rich soil; it’s the perfect spot on earth, devotees say, to yield a product they describe in that rapturous vocabulary usually reserved for fine wines: “aristocratic, virile, almost aphrodisiacal,” with subtle notes of caramel, gingerbread and mild tobacco.

The MARQUIS DE KAMPOT STORY: a story of war, determination and world-class flavor.

The Renaissance of Kampot Pepper, grown only in Cambodia for centuries, begins with a French Chef, Auguste Escoffier, known for the Ritz Hotel in Paris. He used only Kampot Peppercorns for their exquisite flavor. In the 1970’s, the quiet farm-based culture of Cambodia was torn by a civil war when the Khmer Rouge stopped all normal ways of life trying to found an idealistic agrarian utopia that set out to destroy all intellectual pursuits. It was a brutal war and has taken decades for the people to recover to produc-tive lives. Marquis de Kampot™ is a 15 hectare plantation, nestled in a beautiful valley, with roughly 9,000 vines per hectare. A 5th-generation Cambodian Pepper Master leads a small team of seasonal workers from the villages near the farm. Expertise and organic certification assures excep-tional flavor. Each peppercorn is hand-picked, for ripeness and after drying, for quality and color.

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Zanzibar Salt + Pepper Mills by Peugot

Innovative interchangeable compartments for both the Zanzibar peppercorn and sea salt mills allows you to easily change your choice of seasonings at the push of a button!

Zanzibar Pepper Bar PLUS Peppercorns of the World tin sampler

lacy wing-like clusters resembling that of a Dragonfly’s wing premium quality sea salt
The Pepper Bar Comes with: Dong Nai Black + Voatsiperifery Black + Muntok White PLUS a PEPPERCORNS of the WORLD tin sampler.
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Zanzibar Salt Bar PLUS Peppercorns of the World tin sampler

lacy wing-like clusters resembling that of a Dragonfly’s wing premium quality sea salt
The Salt Bar Comes with: Tibetan Rose™ + Sal de Italia™ + Pele Red Hawaiian™ PLUS a PEPPERCORNS of the GRINDER SEA SALT sampler.
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