Premium Gourmet Sea Salts & Peppercorns

Natural, Mineral-Rich and Responsibly Harvested from Around the World
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Bringing natural sea salts to life depends heavily upon the cooperation of Mother Nature and the considerable skill of the salt artisan. With the earth covered by vast oceans of salt water, you would think sea salt must be everywhere, but not so. That is where the skill and the long hours of patience waiting for the sun and wind to work their magic comes in. Each body of water has a unique mineral profile that further defines each salt’s individual flavor and texture. Salts of the 7 Seas is proud to offer a premium selection of sea salts and  peppercorns for savoring the season!

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Flavor Fit for a King!

Salts of the 7 Seas is proud to offer this unique blend of premium Kampot peppercorns with ancient grains and spices. This is a unique offering—the only peppercorn blend in the world with this mix of peppercorns, allspice, and grains of paradise. We think you will agree, King’s Ransom© is aptly named and truly fit for a King!

Salts of the 7 Seas is proud to be a part of the World Food Championships. Our new Applewood Smoked sea salt will be showcased in an oyster dish in the seafood division and our original creation—the VooDoo Blend, our homage to French and Cajun cooking and seasonings with over 14 different spices—is going to be in the burger division! Read about competitors Chefs Kim and Mark Banick whose food dishes will feature our gourmet salts.



11 beautifully packaged premium sea salts in a collection prized for their delicate textures and unique salty profiles. And, they are refillable.

Refill bags are available to easily refill the CHEF JARS and the NEW STACKERS.
Please reuse and refill these versatile jars made in the USA.


pictured: Salt Artisian Paludier | Brittany, France

The salt of the earth: The story of Fleur de Sel and Brittany Gray™ natural sea salts is simple yet complicated. Fleur de Sel is an all natural sea salt from Brittany, France that is unprocessed, unrefined, unadulterated and that’s the simple and delicious truth. Exactly where it is harvested and how it is made is much more difficult to achieve. In Brittany near the town of Guerande, France, there is a mini-climate that is much milder than the rest of Brittany. In this region, you'll find plenty of marshes and low lying areas, the currents of the Atlantic run cleaner than many other salt harvesting locations, and unlike the Camagarue, there are no nuclear power plants. Together these forces make Guerande an ideal "salt farm" region. Which is why it has no peer in Europe for the quality of salt produced.

Worth its weight in salt: The salt fields of de Guerande are a long, narrow series of basins that are flooded by gravity. The size allows an artisan paludier (craftsman salt harvester) to "sweep" the top of the evaporating sea water to harvest the precious Sel Gris de Guerande (hand harvested sea salt with a grey cast which is an entire season's evaporation). On warm, breezy afternoons when there is no rain, that single day's evaporation of salt crust on top of the salt pond is harvested as the Fleur de Sel. It is the least salty, purest part of the saline. The harvest (forming) is usually from May to September. And for every 80 pounds of Sel Gris (gray sea salt) produced, only three pounds of Fleur de Sel is harvested. This means that we are always assured of the quality and authenticity of this product.