BOLIVIAN ROSE sea salt stacker


Cold smoked over aged Applewood, this savory sea salt is known for its subtle sweetness and mild smokiness. Perfect for sprinkling over grilled meats, seasoned pork and even aged cheddar cheese, this rich smoky sea salt will entice adding a layer of rich flavor to any cuisine. The perfect gourmet gift! Smoked Applewood sea salt is a go-to salt every time you light the grill! Robust, sweet, smoky flavor! [2 oz.]

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Bolivian Rose™ is a very rare natural mineral salt. A beautiful pink salt, it is mined by hand from ancient salt deposits that formed hundreds of millions of ears ago from an ancient ocean. As the saltwater sea evaporated, it left behind salt deposits that were slowly enclosed deep within the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. The mountains protected the salt deposits from modern contaminants and preserved the broad range of trace minerals that give this salt its unique soft pink color. Be part of the commitment to minimize waste & use the resources we have more wisely. It’s NOT a throw-away world any longer! We think the world has enough waste! That’s why we have chosen our packaging carefully–so it can be used again and again! [5 oz.]

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