World Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

Salts of the 7 Seas

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Salts of the 7 Seas wants you to sample the world!

We have created a new larger sampler which includes 12 beautiful unrefined, all natural sea salts.These tasty sea salt samplings include a dramatic black pyramid flake from the Isle of Cyprus, the exotic and almost mystic Himalayalan pink salt, and a delicate flake salt from the Mediterranean, just to name a few. Sold in a plastic container. Each container has about 1/2oz of each salt. Each salt sample can be purchased in FULL SIZE containers from


*Aegean Sea™[Isle of Cyprus] Harvested from the ancient Island of Cyprus, in the Aegean Sea, this beautiful, pristine white flaked sea salt is pyramid-shaped and is as crunchy as it is delicious. Used as a finishing salt, this beauty adds a bit of drama when sprinkled on foods just before serving. This classic flake salt adds an unusual and especially beautiful feature on lighter fare like cream soups, fish, and pastas. A product of Cyprus and packaged in the U.S.A.. *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Exotics Salt Collection.

*Brittany Gray™ [French] This gray mineral sea salt is favored by chefs around the world for it's naturally high moisture content, complex briny flavor and abundance of minerals. Hand harvested in the classic Celtic style, French Paludiers rake the salt crystals as they form on clay-lined ponds, inwhich the water has evaporated from the sun and wind. *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Chef Salt Collection.

*Cyprus Onyx™ [Isle of Cyprus] This beautiful blake flake sea salt is as crunchy, as it is delicious. This black flake salt is made black by adding natural vegtable charcoal, benefitting the body by aiding in the removal of impurities and detoxification. Especially beautiful on lighter fare like cream soups, fish, and pasta. *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Exotics Salt Collection.

*Fleur de Sel [Brittany, France] Called the Flower of the Sea and often regarded as the most prized sea salt in the world, Fleur de Sel is the perfect finishing salt! Light and crisp, this exquisite sea salt is delicious. Truly delightful when presented in a small dish at the table. *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Chef Salt Collection.

*Pele Red Hawaiian™ [Hawaii U.S.A.] A striking red finishing salt that's been used in Hawaii for centuries, Pele Red Hawaiian sea salt is actually a pristine white salt from the island of Molokai that has been expertly blended with Alaea Clay.  This volcanic clay is rich in iron oxide and gives Pele Red sea salt its rich red color. Enjoy this salt on fresh crisp salads, roast pork, veggies, sprinkle on bites of aged cheddar! *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Chef Salt Collection.

*Tibetan Rose™ From ancient sea beds high in the Himalayas, this beautiful pink salt is known for its healing powers & is full of minerals. Rich and salty, it is delicious in all your cooking and baking.  Lovely in a clear salt grinder, too! Tibetan Rose Himalayan salt is a colorful alternative to table salt. *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Chef Salt Collection.

*Isle of Skye[Scotland] In the Scotish land of mist & magic, ancient stone castles and waterfalls that flow over steep-faced cliffs, comes the Isle of Skye sea salt. This delightful ly delicious sea salt is perfectly balanced, all natural and mineral rich for you to enjoy on all of your foods. *Individual salt jars may be purchased within the Exotics Salt Collection.


*Sriracha Thai If you like heat and a lot of flavor, you're going to really enjoy Sriracha Thai Infused Sea Salt! It is an inspiration! Enjoy in regional sauces, sprinkle over grilled vegetables and delicious on chicken!

*Exotic Bamboo Jade Hawaiian Bamboo is an exotic plant that produces certified, organic bamboo leaf extracts. These extracts give this beautiful Bamboo Jade sea salt it's rich green color. The sea salt is harvested from the waters around the island of Molokai, in the Hawaiian Islands. This green sea salt will enhance stir-fries, meat dishes, ahi tuna, asain coleslaw, basmati rice, mangoes and edamame, just to name a few! Bamboo Jade has no artifical color or flavor.

*Roasted Garlic Real roasted garlic infused into sea salt. Adds a robust, wonderful roasted garlic flavor to foods—sprinkle on grilled steaks and veggies, scrambled eggs or omelets, soups and stews, artisan breads and more. One of our most popular and versatile sea salt varieties.

*Chipolte Garlic This all natural blend contains a combination of roasted garlic with it's butteryflavor, coupled with the heat of the popular chipolte chili. Great on eggs, grilled cheese, grilled steaks, and veggies.

*Sel de Sauvignon The romance is complete. The fusion of rich red wine and all natural sea salt. Makes a beautiful finishing salt on  roasted meats, pastas, chicken, sauces and reductions. Think Coq a Vin Chicken and go exotic!



Due to occasional seasonal unavailability, the variety of sea salts being offered in this sampler may be subject to change without notice.