Nautilus Gourmet Sea Salt Sampler

Salts of the 7 Seas

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Salts of the 7 Seas wants you to sample the world!

Discover more of what the natural world's purest waters have to offer with our Nautilus Gourmet sea salt sampler. This sample includes 12 beautifully unrefined, all-natural sea salts.These tasty sea salt samplings include a dramatic black crystal sea salt from Hawaii, the delicate pink flake salt from the Himalayan mountains, and the Madagascar vanilla flavored sea salt, just to name a few. Sold in a clear storage case that artiscially displays the colorful array of salts. Each insert holds approximately 1/2oz of salt, enough for about 6-10 sample servings. Full size jars of your favorite salts can be purchased individually within our Chef, Exotics, Infusions, and Stacker Salt collections. Rich in flavor and 84 trace minerals; our salts are unrefined, minimally processed and feature their own unique flavor profile. Salts of the 7 Seas sea salts have no artificial colors, or flavors and, unlike many less expensive, commercial "sea salts", our beautiful sea salts have never been exposed to the high heats in drying that might damage their delicate and important mineral composition. Plastic case measures 6.5"x5"x1".


Tibetan Rose FlakeYes, flaked! From high in the Himalayan mountains a beautiful salt was born millions of years ago buried deep within the ground. Today this well-known sea salt has been transformed from a chunky pink salt to a delicate salt fluffy with a moist texture. Adaptable both in recipes and as a lovely finishing salt. *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Exotics Sea Salt Collection.

Sal de Bolivia™[[Bolivia] From an ancient ocean deep within the Andes mountains of Bolivia, a beautiful pink sea salt has lain buried for millions of years, protected and pure.Bolivian Rose is a mineral rich sea salt, balanced in flavor and is perfect for all of your cooking. Lovely as a finishing salt when presented in a small dish at the table. *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Chef Sea Salt Collection.

Hawaiian Onyx™[Hawaii] Pure white Hawaiian sea salt is made a beautiful black color by adding all natural coconut activated charcoal, good for digestion and helps to remove impurities from the body. Enjoy on eggs, veggies, potatoes and pastas. Dramatic on rims of cocktails! *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Chef Sea Salt Collection.

Salts of MagellanHand-harvested in Rio Formosa from Portuguese Atlantic coastal waters. If you are in search of the perfect sea salt, this fluffy natural unprocessed Portuguese sea salt is a world away from table salt. Ferdinand Magellan, who organized a 5-ship, 270-man expedition in 1520 to the East Indies, thus discovering the pacific Ocean, suceeded in introducing to the western world a plethora of unknown spices and seasonings! *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Exotics Sea Salt Collection.

Salt of Heaven [South Korea] A delicate, crunchy sea salt harvested from the Yellow Sea off the west coast of S. Korea. We visited S. Korea as their guest at the first annual Solar Sea Salt & International Food Fair in 2009! It was a wonderful opportunity to experience this remarkable country and see how they harvest their beautiful sea salts. We named it Salt of Heaven for a reason! *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Exotics Sea Salt Collection.

Sagrada Rosa[Peru] From the Sacred Valley in the mountains of Peru, this delicate pink sea salt is hand harvested from literally thousands of small rectangular plots owned by families for generations located on the side of the mountains. Brine water bubbles to the surface from a spring called Ooripujio- water from an ancient underground ocean that now lies deep within the mountains. This salt is delicate in flavor and a lovely compliment to all food. *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Exotics Sea Salt Collection and our Chef Salt Collection.

Flor Blanca[Mexico] This tropical sea salt is Mexico's answer to the french Guerande sea salt. This white, delicate sea salt is hand harvested on the coast of Manzanillo, Mexico.Flor Blanca is a delicate salt with a fluffy, moist texture. Adaptable to both recipes and as a finishing salt for the table. *This salt can be purchased in individual jars from our Chef Sea Salt Collection.


Garlic Noir  Black Garlic infused sea salt. This finest black garlic and all natural sea salt make a premium pairing. With  deep, sweet notes reminiscent of basalmic vinegar, this unami packed delicacy turns salad dressings, roasted veggies and steak into high-end fare. Contains: Natural sea salt and black Garlic. Made in U.S.A.

Roasted Garlic™ Real roasted garlic expertly infused into a all natural sea salt adds a robust, real roasted garlic flavor to foods. Sprinkle on steaks with a pat of butter, veggies, soups, stews and artisanal breads. Fabulous on hot cheesy bread! You can create this treat by taking french bread, butter it, then sprinkle with asiago cheese and some roasted garlic sea salt. Bake at 400 for 5 minutes.

Sel De Sauvignon  The romance is complete, red wine infused into a natural sea salt! Delightful in all your cooking, use as a finishing salt . Perfect for adding a hint of wine to your sauces, meats, and cheeses!

Bamboo Jade Sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean around Hawaii, is made a delightfully green color by adding  bamboo  leaf extract. Perfect on pork, beef, and poultry, seafoods and sushi!

Vanilla Bean Prized for it's sweet, smooth flavor, this Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla infused sea salt brings a soft, salty-sweet finish to everything you sprinkle it on. A treat on sweets & a suprize on savories!

PLEASE NOTE: Due to seasonal changes and availability, the variety of sea salts being offered in this sampler is subject to change without notice.