Peppercorns of the World Sampler in Embossed Tin

Salts of the 7 Seas

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Salts of the 7 Seas wants you to sample the world!

Long considered the Spice of Kings, the peppercorn has held a powerful role in history, influencing trade with Rome, ancient Egypt, India, Malaysia and China. Like sea salt, peppercorns were highly valued for their dramatic flavor and often used in place of money. Each small container is labeled and a brochure insert with descriptions of each peppercorn and how to enjoy it is also enclosed.

Plasticase is 6.5" x 5" x 1"H. Each individual container has about 1/2 oz. peppercorns.

Salts of the 7 Seas brings you...


TELLICHERRY Piper Nigerum India-Top grade Tellicherry Black Peppercorns, rich with fruity aroma and fiery heat are left to ripen longer on the vine, making them larger, sweeeter with a more complex flavor.

FRENCH BLEND Piper Nigerum- This gourmet blend of Green and Black Peppercorns is a delightful compliment of herbaceous fragrant aromas blended to compliment a slightly lighter fare of fish, pastas, & salads.
Green & Black. Fragrant lighter heat. Use on grilled or braised meats

.PINK PEPPERCORN Schinus Terebinthifolius- Grown in Brazil, these " peppercorns" are actually a berry, a different species than black pepercorms. A beautiful garnish over foods, they offer a delightful spicy-sweet flavor & nuances of citrus. ALLERGY WARNING!*- Pink Peppercorns in some products present a tree nut allergic reaction

BUTCHER’S BLEND This creative original blend is gragant, fiery Butcher's Cut Black Peppercorns combined with our flavorful Applewood Smoked sea salt- the perfect compliment for grilled steaks, porkchops, chicken along with grilled veggies and potatoes!

MELANGE MIX A colorful blending of 4 peppercorns- Black, white, pink & green- Melange Blend is excellent on creamy pastas, in soups & sauces- a diverse pepper flavorwith some decided heat!
** ALLERGY WARNING! Pink peppercorns in some products may present a Tree Nut Allergy Reaction.

GREEN PEPPERCORN Pepper Verde Piper Nigerum, Brazil Less pungent than black peppercorns, green peppercorns are actually picked long before maturity.With  pleasant, herbaceous flavor, this peppercorn is a featured spice in the greenpepper steak sauce and also often used in French, Creole and Thai recipes- excellent on fresh fish and in sauces.

EURO BLEND Piper Nigerum Black and White is a classic once again with the blending of the spicy hot white peppercorn & the more dramamtic, fruity spice of the black peppercorn. Excellent on roasted meats, eggs and green veggies looking for a little lift in flavor.

WHITE PEPPERCORN Piper Nigerum, Cameroon White pepper is a standout for its incredibly distinct mild flavor with a floral bite, musky with some heat. Compliments mild, creamy textures where the spice really stands out.

CHEF’S BLEND Cracked Black Peppercorns & Roasted Garclic Sea Salt ( our Infusion Sea Salt with Roasted Garlic) were meant to be together! Perfect on grilled steaks, roasts, sauces and veggies.