Grinder Sea Salt Sampler in Embossed Tin

Salts of the 7 Seas

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Salts of the 7 Seas wants you to sample the world!

Salts of the 7 Seas knows that everyone loves the pure, clean flavor and crunch of freshly ground sea salts and peppercorns! We get asked all the time, “What are some of your most popular grinder salts?” So we decided to create a new collection sampler to compliment our peppercorn sampler: The GRINDER SEA SALTS Sampler! We know you will enjoying exploring a world of delicious grinder salts, and many of these sea salts are also available in our popular Grinder Salts Bags! Tin measures 5.25"x5.25"x1.5"H. Each container holds about 1/2 oz.


Pele Red Hawaiian™* [Hawaii U.S.A.]
A striking red finishing salt, used in Hawaii for centuries, is actually a pristine white salt from the island of Molokai that has been expertly blended with Alaea Clay, a volcanic clay rich in iron oxide giving it the rich red color. Enjoy this salt on fresh crisp salads, roast pork, veggies, sprinkle on bites of aged cheddar!

Sale de Italia™ [Italy]
Harvested off the Coast of Italy, this lovely, crisp white sea salt is full of natural flavor and minerals. Enjoyed as a staple in Italian kitchens for centuries, Sale de Italia™ Coarse, is a great grinder salt, full of minerals and a satisfying crunch. Delightful on vegetables, meats, pastas and salads.

Tibetan Rose™ [Himalayan]
From ancient sea beds high in the Himalayas, this beautiful pink salt is known for its healing powers & is full of minerals. Rich and salty, it is delicious in all your cooking and baking. Lovely in a clear salt grinder, too!

Aussie Snow™* [Australia]
A beautiful snowy white, mineral-rich salt from the deep Pacific waters off Australia, Aussie Snow™ is aptly named. Crisp and clean, this flavorful salt compliments fresh veggies, sauces, meats, pasta and is great for baking.

Bolivian Rose™ [Bolivia]
A beautiful, colorful and mild sea salt, Bolivian Rose is an exceptional and very rare natural mineral salt. Mined by hand from ancient salt deposits that formed hundreds of millions of years ago where an ancient saltwater sea evaporated, leaving behind salt deposits that were slowly enclosed deep within the Andes Mountain range in Bolivia. The mountains protected the salt deposits from modern contaminants and preserved the broad range of trace minerals that give this salt its unique color that has variances from pastel peach to yellow-reds and coral tones. Bolivian Rose is best suited to fill a beautiful clear salt grinder by your stove or on your table to use as a finishing salt sprinkled on grilled meats, seafood, roasted vegetables and baked From the Mediterranean Sea and the rich fertile lands of Tuscany.

Bravo! Grigliata™
Bravo! Grigliata™ Italian Sea Salt brings a unique and subtle array of perfectly blended spices to your cooking. It is a delicious combination of dried bay leaf, pink peppercorns, dried rosemary, juniper berries and a hint of cinnamon expertly blended with a coarse Mediterranean sea salt. Bravo! is a feast of unique flavors that makes a perfect compliment for meats, stews, roasts, grilled meats and vegetables, even eggs! It will become a staple in your kitchen to use wher-ever you would enjoy some enticing flavor! The Bravo! Grinder makes a great gift, too!

Brittany Gray™* [France]
Whole mineral sea salt harvested in the ancient Celtic method on the Brittany coast, is full of natural flavor. Use Brittany Gray™ with confidence for all your cooking and baking. It is a naturally “wet” salt and is best kept in the jar.

Cyprus Onyx™* [Isle of Cyprus]
Dramatic with a delightful crunch! A beautiful and dramatic salt on pasta, salads, fresh veggies, rims of drinks! Activated charcoal, good for digestion, gives its dramatic black color!

Mediterranean Sun™ [Italy]
Harvested from the waters of the Mediterranean, Mediterranean Sun™ an unrefined, solar-evaporated sea salt, known for its mild flavor and bright white crystals. Pure and without additives of any kind, this sea salt is naturally high in trace levels of magnesium characteristic of sea salts from this area, which act as a natural anti -caking agent. The ideal choice for mediterranean-cuisine cooks committed to authentic ingredients down to the fundamentals, Mediterranean sea salt has been responsible for traditional favorites such as prosciutto di Parma, salami, formaggio, and olives since 140 BC. Mediterranean Sun™ is 100% natural and it is the highest quality Mediterranean sea salt available. Enjoy this perfect salt in all of your cooking and baking. Be sure to buy a high-quality grinder for this coarse salt to enjoy it everyday for years to come.

*** We strive to bring you a variety of different sea salts and sometimes we are forced to substitute with another sea salt, but we are sure that you will find it equally as amazing!